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 [Korean Drama] Love Story in Harvard

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PostSubject: [Korean Drama] Love Story in Harvard   Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:34 pm

icing naa ra imo request... medium quality lang ni... kung gusto kag high quality jud ingna lang ko... hehe... enjoy

* Audio - Korean
* Subtitles - English
* Year - 2004
* Genre - Drama
* Episodes - 16


* Kim Rae-won
* Kim Tae-hee
* Lee Jeong-jin
* Kim Min
* Kang Nam-gil
* Joo Hyeon
* Lee Yoo-jeong


show, which is actually shot in Los Angeles, revolves around two
intelligent men from prestigious families fighting over the love of one
beautiful and kind-hearted girl, a medical school student from a poor
family. The drama stars popular actors Kim Tae-hee, Kim Rae-won, and
Lee Jeong-jin, who wear white sports shirts under V-neck sweaters; a
preppy fashion sense long associated with Ivy League schools.


EP 1
megaupload.com 7EQRHCLH

EP 2
megaupload.com C7GYMZ30

EP 3
megaupload.com XUQEOMMD

EP 4
megaupload.com UYD1SQG0

EP 5
megaupload.com KC7TXDZK

EP 6
megaupload.com OHZSSLB8

EP 7
megaupload.com BBX2A6YV

EP 8
megaupload.com TYYR8V7A

EP 9
megaupload.com OVTDJKI1

EP 10
megaupload.com TJX7TF9I

EP 11
megaupload.com CVYBANY3

megaupload.com AY7JKCVR

EP 12
megaupload.com G2NBKY61

megaupload.com M0VOE83D

EP 13
megaupload.com L97HV6RU

EP 14
megaupload.com ZULH9VE4

EP 15
megaupload.com 5I28MI55

EP 16
megaupload.com WRP7NKRB
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[Korean Drama] Love Story in Harvard
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