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 [Korean Drama] Goong a.k.a. Princess Hours

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PostSubject: [Korean Drama] Goong a.k.a. Princess Hours   Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:55 am

Also known as “Goong” or “Palace

  • Audio - Korean
  • Subtitles - English
  • Year - 2006
  • Genre - Drama
  • Season 1 - 24 Episodes


  • Yoon Eun-hye (윤은혜)
  • Joo Ji-hoon (주지훈)
  • Kim Jeong-hoon (김� �훈)
  • Song Ji-hyo (송지효)
  • Kim Sang-joong (김상중)
  • Kim Hye-ja (김혜자)
  • Song Seung-hwan (송승환)
  • Shim Hye-jin (심혜진)
  • Yoon Yoo-seon (윤� � )
  • Kang Nam-gil (강남길)
  • Choi Bool-am (최불암)
  • Nah Eun-kyeong (나은경)


Based on Park So Hee’s popular korean manga, the drama follows the
story of ChaeGyung through her struggles with finding out she’s been
arranged to marry the crown Prince of Korea and how she adjusts to the
demands of her position and her growing feelings of love and hate for
the prince.

Episode 1 - 24

megaupload.com 3ZA5TIZD
megaupload.com AG3X9I5R
megaupload.com HSPS08QX
megaupload.com 3ITDBWIU
megaupload.com SGGA9KWI
megaupload.com 6ISU586R
megaupload.com 8EWX001L
megaupload.com MO9YNDGH
megaupload.com Q0RJW5DO
megaupload.com 5EKVU212
megaupload.com 6QDBP7U2
megaupload.com 1JEQSZPL
megaupload.com MEQ2SGBP
megaupload.com UKVG8P99
megaupload.com NDJVXEA1
megaupload.com 2AUYXDXG
megaupload.com E5YGST2J
megaupload.com 9QHCJ6IV
megaupload.com J01C4GTA
megaupload.com INBQ0GHR
megaupload.com 6NG6ICOR
megaupload.com Q7RJ8FRN
megaupload.com ZDDD74YN
megaupload.com 482QI09W
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[Korean Drama] Goong a.k.a. Princess Hours
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